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Say No To Day-To-Day Management Responsibilities With NNN Lease Investment

If you own income-producing property, you may know how painful it is to lose a part of your income in managing the property. When an investor leases a property to a tenant under a gross lease, the tenant only pays … Read More

Should you mix NNN investment with 1031 Exchange?

1031 investors often look for different investment options using which they can close their 1031 exchange. Investment structures such as a DST, TIC, or NNN investment can be used for closing a 1031 exchange. However, each of these investment structures … Read More

NNN Lease Investment – Who should Invest

NNN Lease Investment – Who should Invest? Allen’s story on how he tackled day-to-day management responsibilities Allen, an experienced real estate investor, has a whole story on how NNN investment changed his perception of real estate investment. Allen had a … Read More

Give a Boost to your Investment, Invest in NNN Properties

Real estate investors often look for opportunities to expand their investment. Making small investments in various properties of different grades is what investors do to diversify their portfolio. However, as you may know, no investment comes with assured returns. Therefore, … Read More

Want to get rid of management responsibilities? Switch to NNN Investment

Want to get rid of management responsibilities? Switch to NNN Investment Losing a part of your income in maintaining your investment property may not be a pleasing experience. However, this is how the real estate market works. Landlords or property … Read More

DST or NNN? Where should you invest?

DST or NNN? Where should you invest? On the one hand, you get a giant investment structure without day-to-day management responsibilities. While on the other, you get relief from all the operating costs of your property. Both DST and NNN … Read More

Looking for a management-free investment structure? Invest in NNN properties

Being an investor yourself, you may be aware of Section 1031 of IRC that allows investors to defer capital gains tax on exchanging an investment property for another like-kind property. However, what you should not forget is that 1031 exchanges … Read More

How NNN investment differs from other investment structures?

A real estate investment may not always provide what you expect from it. Sometimes, the returns may not be satisfactory or the profit could be accompanied with day-to-day management responsibilities. With the real estate market booming every year in the … Read More

How 1031 investors can plan DST and NNN Investments simultaneously

DSTs have emerged as one of the most popular investment structures over the years. Statistics suggest a surge in the number of investors opting for DST investment in recent times. After all, DST investment brings so many benefits to the … Read More